Joey Cook: American Idol Exit Interview

May 6, 2015

Michael Slezak of TVLine’s Reality Check talks to the quirky 7th-place finisher about daring arrangements, her surprising elimination and that comment from Harry that fellow contestant Clark…

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  1. Michael Slezak says:

    Video feed cuts out from 12:40 to 14:26. Apologies for our technical

  2. Keikousaba says:

    I loved this interview so much I might listen to it 2 more times.
    Loved her comments on Harry essentially saying she isn’t a musician

  3. Guilherme Aoshi says:

    Loved Joey on the show love her even more watching her interviews. Such
    special girl/artist, wish her all the best and gonna be looking for her

  4. Lou Dischler says:

    Love Joey, a fantastically unique and creative singer, and love her take of
    the King of Spain song. Excellent interview. Michael is right on her
    wavelength. Even their shirts match!

  5. callitags says:

    I live in Newport News, and I’m so sad I didn’t know to go out and see Joey
    sing when she was here!

  6. K LEA H says:

    Wow. Joey you’re smart and very talented. I sort of stopped watching when
    Shannon was eliminated way back when. Because she wasn’t polished but she
    was real and soulful and I knew on some level she’d be overlooked. And now
    you .. Ugh. I guess excessive vanity is required and rewarded on American
    Idol. Joey please try out for the Voice. 

  7. Naomi Belov says:

    I can not WAIT to hear Joey’s first album. I appreciate her willingness to
    be herself. I can’t tell how much I value her not only as a talented
    musician, but also as an antidote to the what other women do: yay for her
    values & belief in feminism! We need Joey in this world.

  8. Naomi Belov says:

    Can you re-interview her in a couple of weeks with the technology side of
    things in place? Can’t wait to hear more.

  9. Maserati777 says:

    I think they filmed this with a potato.. Really happy to see this interview
    and the next one.

  10. pancakemuffinberry21 says:

    Joey such a cool person! And a great artist too! :)

  11. Mena Williams says:

    Can u please get quentin alexander n have an interview. It would be very
    interesting to hear his thoughts on AI

  12. Delfin Fuentes says:

    Awesome interview. Love Joey. Respect Mr. Slezak.

  13. In The Know says:

    Joey is definitely YOU-nique and well spoken! She knows that the word
    “like” is not an adjective! :)

  14. Lawrence Bader says:

    Joey is so damned cute. I just want to eat her up

  15. danonymous P says:

    I would have loved to hear her version of Womanizer. Kudos to you Joey! :)

  16. Brax1982 says:

    Joey wasn’t my favorite to win, because there were/are “stronger” vocalists
    on the show, but…my favorite in every other way. I miss her! I don’t
    really like this style, usually. But I figured from the start that she was
    not your typical “quirky-quirk”. It’s maybe just a bit off-putting to hear
    her point that out, herself. It’s Gaga-esque, I guess.

    I was slightly disappointed that she didn’t mention Quentin. I am going to
    assume that happened during the part of the feed that cut out.

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