American Idol’s Clark Beckham Comes Home To White House (HD)

May 6, 2015

American Idol contestant Clark Beckham has made his way into the top four in the 2015 American Idol season. To celebrate the accomplishment Clark came back to his hometown of White House …

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  1. Smokeybarn says:
  2. Olivia Craner says:

    Ugh I wish I knew for sure if he was gonna win… I don’t think he will
    cause all I see is about Nick 

  3. Tung Lu says:

    He is so amazing! I hope he will win the contest!

  4. Miguel Martinez says:

    Everyone we have two more days to vote Clark to the top 3 and to the
    finale!!! Just Google “American Idol Vote” and you can supervote for Clark
    20 times. Let’s vote like crazy and get this insane voice and guy to the

  5. Marie Martinez says:

    Clark you’re the most deserving contestant to win the idol, good luck

  6. JamieP120 says:

    What a precious community supporting a very deserving and multitalented
    young man! Thanks so much for sharing this with his fans.

  7. kswan4christ says:

    Clark is a very special talented person. After Scott’s little stunt last
    week, I’m not sure how much of a prize it is to sign with him. I want the
    VERY best for Clark, win or not. Of course I gave Clark all of my votes. He
    might have more options being the #2 guy; more freedom to be who he is.
    Good luck Clark! God bless! 

  8. Candace Sellers says:

    I hope he wins.

  9. Brian Hagaman says:

    Clark is going to win

  10. It was a great run for Clark Beckham, who gave season 14 of American Idol his all and made it to the top two. Second place isn’t too shabby, especially when it helps garner you 61,000 Twitter followers and a loyal army of fans.

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