American Idol 13 – Semi Finalists


American Idol 13 Semi-finalists

From the auditions of thousands of contestants the chosen few are put through a grueling sieve of performances so the judges can narrow their audition picks down to semi finalists.

A special “Hollywood or Home” round was introduced this season and 52 contestants the judges were uncertain of performed solo in an airplane hangar. Of these, 32 were sent back to the airport then the 160 chosen semi finalist contestants proceeded on to Hollywood and performed solo in the Dolby Theatre in groups of ten.

After this round, 104 contestants remained and continued to perform in groups, then 77 contestants went through to a further solo round.

This ended with a Top 30 being announced on the 12th and 13th of February 2014.



This is a list of the 10 top 30 semi-finalists who were not selected to perform…


Age Hometown
Andrina Brogden 19 Fargo North Dakota
Kenzie Hall 17 Draper Utah
Jillian Jensen 21 Rochester Massachusetts
Brandy Neelly 19 Louisville Kentucky
Austin Wolfe 16 Park City Utah
Jordan Brisbane 16 Savannah Georgia
Ethan Harris 20 Garrattsville New York
Briston Maroney 16 Knoxville Tennessee
Casey Thrasher 22 Tuscaloosa Alabama
Maurice Townsend 26 Grand Rapids Michigan

These are the 7 Top 20 semi-finalists who failed to reach the finals:

Contestants Age Hometown
Bria Anai 16 Lithonia Georgia
Briana Oakley 17 Antioch California
Marrialle Sellars 17 Indianapolis Indiana
Malcolm Allen 21 Wrightsville Arkansas
Spencer Lloyd 19 Bryant Arkansas
George Lovett 24 Baltimore Maryland
Emmanuel Zidor 24 Miami Florida

The “Rush Week” semi-finals were a three-day event on February 18, 19 and 20 .

The two semi-final groups contestants are listed below in their performance order. In a series first, the judges eliminated five of each gender before they even had a chance to perform in front of the live studio audience. The females started the semifinal round, and the males performed on the following night’s episode. 10 singers advanced on Thursday, February 20.

Order Female Contestant Song Result
1 Majesty Rose "Happy" Advanced
2 Kristen O'Connor Turning Tables Wild Card
3 Briana Oakley Warrior Eliminated
4 Jena Irene Paint It Black Wild Card
5 Bria Anai Wrong Side of a Love Song Wild Card
6 Marrialle Sellars Roar Eliminated
7 Jessica Meuse Drink a Beer Advanced
8 Emily Piriz Paris (Ooh La La) Advanced
9 MK Nobilette "All of Me" Advanced
10 Malaya Watson "Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)" Advanced
Order Male Contestant Song Result
1 Caleb Johnson Stay with Me Advanced
2 CJ Harris "Shelter" Wild Card
3 Emmanuel Zidor Best of My Love Eliminated
4 Sam Woolf "Babylon" Advanced
5 George Lovett Grenade Eliminated
6 Dexter Roberts This Ole Boy Advanced
7 Alex Preston Volcano Advanced
8 Malcolm Allen Comin' from Where I'm From Eliminated
9 Ben Briley Soulshine Advanced
10 Spencer Lloyd Love Don't Die Wild Card

Five of the remaining 10 semi-finalists were selected by the judges to compete in the Wild Card round. Following another performance by each Wild Card contender, the judges then selected three contestants to advance to the final group of 13. Jena Irene and Spencer Lloyd each performed their own original songs.

Order Contestant Song Result
1 C.J. Harris Bring It On Home to Me Advanced
2 Jena Irene "Unbreakable Me" Advanced
3 Spencer Lloyd Ordinary Girl Eliminated
4 Bria Anai It's a Man's Man's Man's World Eliminated
5 Kristen O'Connor Unconditionally Advanced

The top five males and top five females, along with the three wild card choices by the judges, advanced to the finals making a Top 13  group ready for the Final stages.

This is American Idol – Season 13!

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The following program information and that on related pages is sourced from wikipedia’s American Idol 13 page


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